domingo, 4 de julho de 2010

Host Family Letter

Hello girls!!


Terminei minha carta para a host family...e eu acho que ficou bem legal...mas é capaz de até o dia de entregar o APP eu modificar mas alguma coisa...hehehe

segue abaixoooo...

Dear host family,

Hello, my name is Michelle, I’m 25 years old and I’d like to be your Au Pair for the next year. I have a degree in Physical Therapy, and I have also attended a program on physical therapy intervention for Down's syndrome. I can say that I am really focused, responsible and also a very happy, easygoing and caring girl. I am very quick witted and adaptable. I am originally from São Bernardo do Campo, an industrial city near São Paulo, but I have lived on my own since I was 19, so I am very independent. My parents are divorced and I have had little contact with my father since then. I am closer to my mother who lives in São Paulo. Her name is Elizabeth, she´s a sales manager in a valve industry. I have 2 sisters who live in Santos (a beach town 400km from my city). The youngest one is from my father’s side, her name is Caroline, and she’s 17 and lives with her mother. We see each other when I go to Santos.My other sister, Milena (from my mother’s side), is 30 years old. She’s a lawyer, and has just got married and she will become a mother soon. We have a very independent family dynamic but we do care a lot about each other. Well, I was already able to speak some English, but once I made up my mind about getting in the Au Pair program, I decided to take more English Lessons, and prepare for other needs I may have concerning childcare. In my opinion, if I had to receive a girl as a host mother, I would like my Au Pair to be qualified, so I’m doing my best to get all the information and qualification as I can. I enjoy gathering into many different things in my free time such as studying, reading, exploring the Internet for music and so on. I also like cooking and I love going to the gym (even if people doubt that). About my experience in childcare, I worked as a Nanny taking care of two 2-month-old Australian twins, Lucas and Sophia. They were children from an Australian father, Curley, and a Brazilian mother, Larissa. They went on a 40-day tour throughout Brazil and I took care of the children at their grandparents’ house. They were both really cute; the boy was his father loyal portrait, and the baby girl had her mother’s eyes and looks. It was a very helpful experience because I had to cope with all their needs full time, once their grannies would be so energetic after all. I was responsible for bathing, diaper changing, preparing their formula and bottle feeding; I also took them out to parks and outdoor activities. The twins had their own time for all that, so I had to be really fast not to lack assistance to any of them. Considering children aged 5 to 6 years old, I worked for 1 year as an assistant teacher helping on a class of around 30 children. That was one of the best experiences I had passed through because I had to face all kinds of challenges such as convincing the little ones to get into the class without crying, playing and inventing games, helping with room decoration for national holidays, assisting some children in need with their lessons, playground time and parental report writing. It is very common in Brazil that pre-school and daycare centers provide parents with daily reports through journals informing what they ate, what they did and other information parents would ask us to add. This is a very effective communication tool between parents and caretakers. I also helped my cousin Larissa with her newborn Julia. I changed her first diaper and that was because I asked them to. All my other cousins laughed a lot because I said I wanted to do that. She was a single mother and had no idea of how to take care of a newborn baby. I stayed with them until they needed me, because my cousin had a really tough time. I never got tired of being around Julia, which made my cousin quite relieved. I took care of two other children 6-year-olds Raul, and Enzo. I was friends with Raul’s mother, who happened to be a divorced working mom. I babysat for him while his mom would work or go to college. We shared time for a good period, kind of six months until Tatiane, my friend, could find her way through college. About Enzo, I still babysit for him while Daniela is out to work. He studies at a bilingual school. I have to pick him up at school, help him before tests, and get him out to go biking, play ball games and all sort of “boy activities”. I think it is very funny because I feel like a “little boy” too when we engage on such games. Well, I can say that I am fully prepared to cope with the children’s schedule and needs. I really would like to be an Au Pair because I think that would increase my childcare experience. I want to start a business in Brazil concerning childcare in my area and I believe that having contact with children of other cultures would help me to develop a new perspective on my work.
I also want to learn more about American traditions and culture and, of course improve my English. Well, I think this is pretty much what I have from now; I would love to engage on a conversation with you so that we can share more about each other.

With Caring and Love,


aguardo comentáriossssss!!! bjusss...

Agradeço as minhas já consideradas amigas que sempre comentam...Ana Carolina, Bibi, Laís, Letícia, Jú Monteiro, Carollll, Nice, Lari, Vivi... e minhas 20 seguidorasss...q felizzzz!!!


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  1. Miiiiiiiiiiiiii....Sério...arrasou na pra achar uma melhor! De verdade, inglês de alto nível, bem educada, eu te contrataria só pela carta! Vc tem bastante experiência diferente, sua profissão contribui muito...certeza que vai ser um sucesso!

    Estou contigo e não abro pro que precisar!!!

    Guess what? To em Franca...pertinho de vc! Mas estou indo embora na quarta já...afinal faltam 13 dias pro meu embarque...ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Thanks for all baby! I wish you all the world's luck!


  2. oi Michele !! O pior é que depois que a gente consegue tudo (entregar app,match,visto) a gente pensa: " Nossa, eu consegui. E agora ?". Aí vem o medo, as dúvidas, mas eu acho que isso é normal. Ah entrega logo seu app, quem sabe esse ano ainda a gente não se encontra nos USA?? Bjuss, fica com Deus """

  3. OIeee lindeza... amei a carta! A HF vai apaixonarrr... rsrsrsrs
    Amor... e agora, o que fazemoss com a nossa jubaa??? Eu ainda não decidii.. kkkk

    Se cuida!

  4. Muito legal a carta! Adorei! Parabéns!!